We are so glad that you are looking into creating this great opportunity for your students. In our experience, students who start a science fair project and join us at the regional fair learn so much that they go on to greater and greater projects each year. These projects provide an excellent opportunity to foster literacy skills such as procedural writing, oral language and research skills as well as key math concepts in data management.

Some teachers choose to work just with the students in their class whereas other teachers run Science Fair as a weekly club where they provide guidance to students who do the projects in their own time.

The Simcoe County Regional Science Fair Committee is comprised of a group of teachers and scientists with a great deal of experience in guiding students through projects and in holding school-wide and regional fairs.

You have questions? PLEASE don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Teacher Checklist

  • The first step in starting Science Fair at your school is to contact Sally Telford stelford@scdsb.on.ca and let her know you are interested. That way she can keep you posted with all of the latest information and deadlines.
  • Read the ethics policies.
  • The next step is to inspire your students. Make sure they have a good understanding of the scientific process and explain their options in terms of experiments, innovations or studies. Please look at the rules and regulations to make sure you and your students are aware of projects that are inappropriate and forms that need to be completed.
  • Please look at the resources page for ideas for projects.
  • Helping Students has a great package to lead students step by step through the science fair process.

Important Dates

By Mid January

Let your School Communication Representative know that your school would like to participate in the Simcoe Science Fair. Please include an estimate of how many projects you expect to register (to a maximum of 15 per elementary school and 15 per semester for high schools).

February 1-  Early March

Register your students using our online registration system (upcoming or see emails from Simcoe Science Fair).
Please note that each student requires an entry even if they are working on the same project.
You will need a unique email address for each student.

Late Registrations ( see https://simcoesciencefair.ca for exact dates)
Late Registrations will be accepted but the Fee is increased. No further projects will be added to the fair after registration closes.

Make sure your students have completed all online registration information.
After this date, no further changes can be made.

Teachers, your students need you to register them!
If you cannot register your student, please contact us.

Important Information

Partner Projects

Teachers, please remember to only register the first student.

Please contact us to register two students on a project. Don’t register as two separate projects as this will create a great deal of work to correct. Please make sure your students complete the entire registration process by the deadline.  It is a lot of work getting the projects organized and registering on time is essential! If you have registration issues please contact us.


The SCRSTF Committee
is not responsible for
the supervision of students.

Students must be supervised at the Regional Fair at all times. A parent or adult guardian must be supervising students and be aware of responsibility at all times.